Responsibilities & Work Flow Document: OMR

The following a worked up responsibilities and work flow document for deploying an MCQ Exam via the OMR service

Step 1: Initial start up meeting

Owner: Discipline Team, and Elevate Team

  • Discuss the process, identify work packages and agree on people involved. A timetable is agreed based on the following work flow. Agree on results format (what they need), and who should receive the results.

Step 2: Writing the questions, mocking up the answer sheet

Owner: Discipline Team

  • write the question booklet (include the questions, the instructions, give the test a unique number)
  • mock up the answer sheet (identify the number of available answer options, the correct responses, any marks / negative marking, and the unique test number)
  • pass the completed question booklet and mocked up answer sheet to The Elevate Team

Note >> the discipline team is responsible for writing and printing the question book. The Elevate Team are given the final copy of the mock up’s answer sheet

Step 3: User Accounts

Owner: Discipline Team

  • based on earlier conversations in Step 1, the discipline team will need to send (as an csv file) the user accounts for the exam (first name, last name and email address) to the Elevate Team

Step 4: Writing the answer sheet, and testing the system

Owner: The Elevate Team

  • create and test the answer sheet
  • sign off … by printing off the answer sheets

Note >> the Elevate Team will need 5 working days to create and test the answer sheet

Step 5: The Exam

Owner: The Discipline Team

  • print all the question booklets, invigilate the exam, ensure students follow the instructions
  • hand the completed answer sheets to The Elevate Team (we will try to collect from the room at the end of the session)

Step 6: Process the Results

Owner: The Elevate Team

  • Check the submissions and scan them
  • process the results
  • create the results doc (as agreed in step 1), and upload to Google Docs to be shared with the appropriate people
  • hand back the completed answer sheets to the discipline team




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