staff development model … carpe diem with a twist of UCS

Aaron and I have been exploring a more structured approach to staff development with respect to course re-design, validation etc., This has been strongly influenced by the work at Leicester and Bath.

The following is currently been piloted with Helen Hollingworth, on a course re-design to include a number of standalone (elearning based) activities.

Meeting 1: about 2 hours >>> discipline experts, subject librarian, learning technologists >>> discipline experts discuss the course, how it currently works, the assessment model, student motivation, its strengths and weaknesses. The approach is informed by the capture context template we use in our how can I enhance learning through innovative technologies seminar. After a period of question and answers, which identifies what might and might not be appropriate. The discipline team are left to develop a set of session / activity lesson plans to meet their needs. This includes the blend between the online and face to face learning spaces. Another meeting is arranged

Meeting 2: about 2 hours >>> working on taking the ideas from the session / activity lesson plans to the developing their skills interms of the technology. Discuss the evaluation framework, and the role of the Elevate Team in the evaluation process. Arrange another meeting

Meeting 3: about 1 hour >>> help sign off / implement the activities. Set up how these are to be evaluated (via log data, student surveys and/or focus groups)

Task Elevate Team >>> help evaluate the activity, write it up

Aaron …. thoughts …. have I missed anything?





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