the great intranet debate … exiting

It is well known our need to migrate the intranet component out of wolsey to leave us with just the learning platform. This is because many people find it very difficult to find stuff on the intranet side (search is very poor), and information is often out of date, not organised appropriately. So it might be time on using the VLE as an intranet … it has done its time, helped to organise the intranet in the first phase, and know it is time to move on.

However, to help the conversation I’ll be having next week, I’ll need to answer the following questions;

  • what does the Elevate Team percieve the Intranet as?
  • how is it currently used (user scenarios)?
  • to what extent is it currently used (log data)?
  • based on the user scenarios … would would be the exit strategy?





  1. Aaron

    Andy, are we talking just about the Staff intranet?

    I can see some valid reasons for the Student area staying in the VLE.


    • andyoutandabout

      all open for discussion, I think we need to work up the authentic user scenarios an the importance of profiling within wolsey for certain groups. It might be simply linking / rss’ing stuff in. Cheers

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