QR code project plan: Arts exhibitions

Well, a great chat this morning with Carol & Aaron on developing some QR Code based location aware learning activities around art exhibitions at UCS. The learning activity would include >> dissemination of knowledge (thoughts / influences from the artist – text or multimedia including questions for the audience), and discussions around the piece of work (blog post with comments, links, tags etc.,) – so lots of behaviouralism, constructivism (social and cognitive)

We’ll get the support stuff, and test it for the event on the 2nd Feb >> this will be a qr code link to artist contact details on a ucs hosted page and links to partner institutions / organisations. The rationale being, we’ll need to write the support material, can test out our logging data and get the discipline experts to engage with the technology and think how they could apply it to different contexts

The 6th March event will include creating a specific blog area for the exhibition, QR Codes for each exhibit, more effective design of the learning activity, working with the discipline experts and the artists to think through what they re trying to achieve. This will also include re-visiting the student support materials.

Both of these will be evaluated via logs, observations at the event by members of the elevate team, interviews with people who did scan the resources.




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