How is the intanet currently being used (on Blackboard)

The following is a list of ideas worked up by the team over a coffee … so no numbers, just a quick heads up around functionality 🙂

Our internet currently sits in the VLE (a useful way of helping the institution in the early days, however, as the institution matures it become more of an issue interms of needing the intranet managed. Hence, time to look for an exit strategy.

In terms of use, the intranet is a set of Blackboard communities, which uses AD to control membership / access when and if required.

There are currentyl xxx community areas in Blackboard, associated with the intranet type activities (ie not directly related to the delivery of learning)

We have tabs which are role specific, ie., a member of staff sees the staff tab, a student sees the student tab (which differs slightly depending on which LN you are based in). There are also a number of generic tabs (communities which) which are not role specific. For instance,  the library, study skills, help and advice. There is also a tab which gives you access to for document (file) store on the Blackboard content system. Individuals may or may not use this software.

There is also the Wall – a general discussion space, organised into broad area;

  • General Chit Chat
  • Classifieds
  • Events
  • Book Exchange
  • Car Sharing
  • Lost and Found
  • Accommodation

This has over 2000 posts, and over 1000 participants. It acts as the online community notice board for the institutions (internal view)

A brief overview identifies the functionality being used in the intranet (as known by the elevate team) identifies it use is much more sophisticated than a set of files and static web sites. Many of the communities use a range of available functionality to meet their needs. Including;

  • links to databases / forms
  • delivery of content (static pages, interactive tutorials/lessons, multimedia)
  • use of surveys
  • blog tools
  • wiki tools
  • discussion boards

One comment

  1. Aaron

    Hi, just to confirm the heavy use of “The Wall” as a community discussion area, in the summer of 2010 when we were experiencing performance problems we did remove over 2000 older discussion posts from 2007-2008.


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