Grad student support – post meeting with Carol

Had a very constructive meeting with Carol w.r.t the grad student support courses.

It sounds like a set of lunchtime events for grad students around using technologies to support their studies would be appreciated. However, I’ll need to ensure there is clear expectations for staff, that these sessions are self selecting, not tied to assessment / formal learning spaces. It is around giving students a heads up ond how they might change their practices to make their studies / research more effective and efficient around a number of common tasks.

A potential issue which needs to be included is around Plagiarism, where we (elevate team) are driving the sharing, cooperation and collaboration, but we do need to accommodate the UCS stance around plagiarism. This isn’t going to be an issue to incorporate.

There was also a discussion around a potential pilot on a course module, where we (the elevate team) to work up and evaluate the content, and get student feedback on use. The hope would be to have this in place relatively quickly.

I also need to work up the idea for Penny/Will and the Heads of School. Finally, I need to bring in the Eddie / David




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