Abstract for JISC Eastern – Aaron’s Location Aware Learning Activities

The intended learning outcomes for this session are … by the end of this session you should

  • be more aware of QR Codes and their potential use in learning and teaching – based on previous presentations
  • be able to create a QR Code (using a web based QR Code Generator) – use the UCS engine
  • be aware of developments at UCS in terms of location aware projects, including; extending the learning experience during exhibitions, creating a location aware (tour) using myTour for the iPhone, and our student awareness survey – get them to scan a few, then create an on the fly activity using MyTour, whihc includes texts, images, links, mutimedia … also link project brief on blog
  • share how people have been using location aware activities and QR Codes in their institutions – flip chart activity at start of sessions
  • develop a collaborative exercise to work up a number of potential authentic location aware (QR Code) activities – flip chart and feedback at end of session

Aaron … what do you think? Happy this this? what are we missing?


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