Elevate and the LN’s

I’ve seen all apart from Suffolk New College. The following is the vision / implementation for Elevate, LN’s and the VLE.

Devolving Tasks

  • Create a standard sys admin role for the key people in LN’s which will allow them to acheive certain tasks and take ownership over their community areas. ACTION >> Elevate >> organise a meeting with the key contacts to take this role at their LNs. Consult on what is on offer, and see if it meets their needs
  • Elevate to keep a list (as a good doc) available to LN Sys Admin and LN HE in FE Cooridnators of who has what responsibilities.
  • Elevate to provide staff training (face to face and online how to guides) for the LN Sys Admins.
  • Elevate to organise a termly meeting of the LN Sys Admins to keep in the loop of our plans, to consult with and ensure all is going OK

Staff Development

  • Elevate attend the LN for 1 day per month. This will allow us to meet up with the LN Sys Admin, the HE in FE coordinator, run a drop in surgery, run an organised staff development session
  • Elevate to provide an online course around key themes, ie., an introduction to podcasting
  • Elevate to facilitate 15 minute webinars (coffee breaks) by a practitioner on what they are doing – these are life, not recorded
  • Elevate to encourage / include a person at each LN to be part of a centrally funded CMALT project
  • collaborate on the authoring of key / cross institution guides, such as effective uses of the gradebook


  • Elevate and the LN’s will start to build up working relationships through project work, which may or may not be funded, and if funded maybe internal or external.

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