observations from QR Code test at private view

Aaron and I popped into the class of … private view at UCS. This exhibition included the use of QR codes (in the printed catalogue) which linked to various online resources, including the electronic catalogue (http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/artexhibitions/?p=31)

A couple of observations came to mind when looking around, firstly I didn’t see anyone scanning on their phones, however, Aaron and I talked to quite a few about the process, scanned a few and developed some ideas. There was a surprisingly level of interest across Staff in the School, so we’ll need to follow up on that asap.

In terms of future improvements. I was very happy in the space of a few days Aaron had sorted the trackable QR Codes, populated the blog, and designed the poster. I’d like to user test the poster (which is intended to support the exhibition by telling people about QR Codes). David has a workshop next week, so we can user test it there with a bunch of academics. For instance, after reading it, can they tell us “what is a QR Code” “How do they work” “how to locate a reader for your phone”

I think for the next exhibition we need to be much more creative and ensure we have the material for audio stories from the artists, and areas for viewers to leave and listen to other people views. We’ll also need to ensure we get this message across to the audience, on how they can enhance their learning experience through the QR Codes.

It will be interesting to see the outcomes of the log data … did anyone (apart from Aaron and myself) scan the codes in the catalogue? Also, given these are in the catalogue, did people scan the code after taking the catalogue home?



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