OMR – FormReturn – Iteration 3

Authoring was really smooth this time πŸ™‚

The Elevate Team responsibilities are as follows;

  • create the answer sheet as a PDF and email to the discipline expert

This time, no changes to the question booklet, so we can run again. Discipline expert supplies the users (applicants in this case). Therefore, the process for us is …

Step 1 >> create the applicants_list_month_year_csv and store in Dropbox

Step 2 >> in Form Return, open the generic segments for both the Maths and Literacy Test (stored in the dropbox folder)

Step 3 >> make a new form, and include the segment. Add a barcode and the text

Step 4 >> add source data, a new table (follow emerging naming convention), and import the applicants_list_month_year_csvΒ  from Step 1

Step 5 >> publish and test (print some, complete, scan, upload data and download) – post test, delete the data

Step 6 >> email the answer sheet PDFs to the discipline expert

All done in 30 mins πŸ™‚

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