Outcomes from UCS FAQ Engine Meeting

The following notes are the outcomes / comments from the UCS FAQ Engine meeting … I’ll incorporate these into the project plan etc.,


  • Tariq & Karen >> send list to Andy of people you want to attend the first workshop – by 17th Feb
  • Karl >> will confirm the install on a Virtual Box by end of Feb
  • Laura >> think about the URL. Karl will set up as faq.ucs.ac.uk – will use alias if need be
  • Andy >> once software installed will look at the reporting tools
  • David >> look at using our Google analytics
  • Andy >> move css / branding into March
  • Andy >> expand roles and responsibilities to include right / access management for authors – so can differentiate and include sign off for certain teams
  • Laura >> will recruit Chantelle into the project
  • Andy >> in workshop >>> include activity in March workshop on design tips on FAQs, and how to use them with other information flows (emails)
  • Andy >> arrange workshop, for early March
  • Andy >> sort out project document store

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