Elevate piloting event management for corporate development

The elevate team will pilot two developments for corporate development. Firstly, the use of eventbrite to manage the administration of event management from email to a more automated approach. We’ll include an organisational view. I will also follow up with Chloe in arts about managing their events.

A key requirement for corporate development is the reporting across events by different providers for annual monitoring. Therefore, we’ll focus on the data from the elevate events to explore aggregated reporting.

The model will be to change the instructions within the catalogue. As well as differentiate routes. So we are not overly dependent on one approach.

The second initiative will be the use of our omr service for the end of session evaluations. This will be interesting in the corporate template involves both closed and open questions. It will also require the data being easily aggregated for reporting. I’ll get this sorted for the session I run on Monday.


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