eventbrite event management trial

We are off and running with the trial of eventbrite. I’ve set up an Elevate Team area (http://elevateatucs.eventbrite.com).

Managed in a few minutes to create (copy) 12 events. The key for low maintenance and scaleability is the use of our blog as the point of truth. Therefore, the session plans and detail sit on the blog. The events in eventbrite use a small amount of this information and then push them back to the blog for more information. We will rss the events into the blog.

We’ve installed the eventbrite management tool on the iPods/iPads/Iphones – we’ll run check ins electronically

We’ll use eventbrite to manage the session calculations, ie., all registrations finish two days before the event. We’ll decide if we cancel or run the event. We’ll use the email function to inform people, welcome them etc., We’ll also use the tool to manage the event closure (thanks, links etc.,).

After the event has run, the registration list (who attended, didn’t attend) will be exported and archived in our Google Docs area.

The system will give us across event monitoring, and by attendee views – this should meet the requirements of corporate development.


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