OMR (return form) for elevate team session evaluations

OK – I’m keen to start rolling out the use of OMR for objective feedback and assessment. So, given we are using the UCS Corporate Development session evaluation template, I’ve OMR’d it 🙂 This will include some free text responses (which we’ll need to key).

Also, given it’s a survey and we aren’t 100% on who will attended, we’ll need to undertake a little csv file work.

The process is;

Before the session

  • print off the evaluation forms from DropBox >> EDU >> Projects >> OMR – Elevate Evaluation

At end of session

  • get to complete. Tell them, if going to identify themselves, please use the UCS Username, only other key information is the Data
  • scan and send to Andy as a TIFF (very important) via a MDF device

After session …. needs to be Andy until get lots of cash to buy some more packages

  • save and upload scanned file
  • uploaded scanned file to Dropbox using date as file name
  • process and clean up if required
  • export data as csv with the following settings
  1. Publication_ID >> rename as Event Title
  2. Form_ID >> keep as default
  3. Form Score >> uncheck
  4. Processed Time >> uncheck
  5. Source Date >> uncheck
  6. Captured data >> keep as default
  7. Individual scores >> uncheck
  • open csv, and add the following
    1. Event Title >> set and copy to something obvious
    2. Add column after Event Title >> date >> fill in with today’s date
    3. Add column after Date >> UCS ID >> fill in the UCS Username
    4. Add column after UCS ID >> facilitator >> fill in with our initials
    5. Add column at end >> free text >> type in free text response
    6. cut and paste into Google Spreadsheet >> The Elevate Event Evaluation Data
  • clean (remove) the data from the report in FormReturn so ready for next scan
  • delete csv … the data is in Google

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