event management … reflections on yesterday

I piloted the use of eventbrite and OMR evaluation forms at our session on “effective uses of objective testing in learning and teaching” – a couple of thoughts came from the session.


Firstly, eventbrite on the iPod worked very well, except for those people who didn’t register a place and just turned up. I then needed to login to add them individually (add attendees). All OK – just need their name (I made up their email address based on UCS email naming convention from their name). Still a little inconvenient the Eventbrite app doesn’t include the functionality. As a working approach I’d suggest, print the “Print Check List” for the day before the event – they will tick it off as they enter the room. It will allow people to add their details to the bottom.

Also, there needs to be a little more thought about the registration replies. When we set up an event we’ll use the following generic info on the confirmation order page (see edit order confirmations)


Thank you for your registration.

We use Eventbrite to for our event management software. Therefore, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite on behalf of the use, with your registration details.

For more information on other events we are running over the next few months, please see our events page at, http://elevateatucs.eventbrite.com

For more information or any questions you might have, please contact The Elevate Team via email at elevate@ucs.ac.uk.


Apart from the above … eventbrite worked very well, and roll on the next one 🙂

We’ll need to add a couple of manual events – as Aaron is off to Great Yarmouth for a session, and David is off to Otley. These events, although a little more fluid will still be an organised event. However, if these become surgeries, and we do not follow an structured session, then they’ll be managed (recorded) via the drop in form.


The OMR worked well, interestingly, they didn’t bother filling in their and the events details section – so I’ll continue to include it to keep ourselves inline with Corporate Development, however, I’ll make it clear this is optional.

Interestingly, 6 out of the 8, who completed it, did not complete the free text question at the end.

The focus of the questions, is very much about instant feedback on the material, presentation, objectives being met. I’ll add the following questions for the next event;

a) To what extent do you agree with the following statement, “I’ll be recommending this Elevate event to my colleagues” (strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree, strongly disagree)

b) Could you explain you answer to the previous question (free text)

I’ll also include the question,

c) Please include your email address if you’d like us to contact you to discuss how we can help you further (an email will be sent in the next few days to arrange a meeting)

The scanning was very straightforward, I renamed the saved Tiff file to workshop_keyword_month_year, and the csv followed a similar format. Both of which are uploaded to the OMR project area in dropbox.

I’ll work up the new style evaluation form for Aaron asap ….





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