An emerging model for web 2.0 workshops for grad students at UCS

Based on some interest from the various Schools at UCS. I’m starting to look at the how should we implement the idea of providing postgraduate and graduate students with development sessions around the use of web 2.0 technologies within their studies and research. An idea was described at;

Given the positive response, the suggested next steps are;

  • start to develop some likely user scenarios – get these to the people who have indicated interest to see if they are appropriate
  • start to develop a set of intended learning outcomes for the workshops (inline with our templates)
  • think about the support mechanism, this needs to be appropriate to the aims, ie., we’ll run a number of masterclasses (repeated), we’ll provide a number of FAQs, we’ll change our student drop-in in the library to a new location, and just focus on this group, we’ll also provide the advice / warning documents for students about using web 2.0 externally hosted solutions.
  • we’ll work closely with the grad school to coordinate activities and ensure Grad School ownership

When to deliver? I’d like to have the scenarios and proposed workshop materials in place by the end of March – we’ll role out a first iteration during May & June. This should sort out teething problems and give us the opportunity to gear up for next academic year.


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