developing staff capacity via CMALT

The following approach, attempts to leverage a small amount of money from ILTS CPD pot, and time from me, to encourage staff at UCS (and across the LN’s) to complete the accreditation for CMALT (certified member of the association of learning technologies).

The rationale being, we need to start developing staff at UCS in learning technologies. The CMALT scheme would make a very good vehicle for this process. The benefit of the CMALT scheme is it is a reflective practice model, where people need to develop a portfolio which evidences themselves against the criteria. It requires staff to reflect on interventions, exposes people to new ideas and evidence, it covers both academic and support staff. It encourages the sharing of ideas and the developments of connections (so fits our community of practice staff development model).

The medium term plan will be to build up staff capacity and good practice within the schools and across the ln’s, which should transfer as they work on degree programmes with colleagues. It should also encourage more scholarly research and publication into learning, and foster a group of people who are better placed to win external projects.

Another key factor for using CMALT is around staff motivation to take part. As this leads to an national (internationally) recognised accreditation. It can be argued for staff the extrinsic motivation is higher compared to simply attending a one of workshop etc., This can be a very useful motivator for people to take part and complete.

So how would it work in practice?

Each financial year (ILTS CPD pot) an amount of money will be ring fenced for 8 people to submit their CMALT portfolios. This will cost around £400-£500. Up to this point, Andy Ramsden will support individuals, through the process, reading portfolio drafts, discussing their evidence etc., to get them to a situation where they will be able to submit. In practical terms, a call will be made to staff to volunteer for the scheme. They will need to make a justification of why they want to start the programme, and support from their line manager for taking part. This group will be capped at 15, and will cover the all sites. The expectation is some will drop out or  not be in a position to submit their portfolios. This group will become a learning group / set, and I’ll arrange a number of meetings throughout the year so the group can share their experiences and developments. They will be kept together as a community via the Blackboard VLE and they will use the UCS e-Portfolio system (probably Mahara).

The only additional costs will be provision of refreshments for the learning group meetings.

The Elevate Budget will be used for subscription of UCS ALT Membership.

What would we need know?

At this stage, a commitment from ILTS CPD to fund around £600 for the submissions (this might be in the next financial year). I can start the process, and do the rest.






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