Elevate & AV-ITS … a coming together :-)

Thoughts post meeting with AF.

In the short term there are a few key classroom technologies we will focus on;

  • clickers
  • sympodium (smart board software)
  • visualisers
  • screen capture
  • skype (being rolled out soon)

The focus of the next few months is to build up some momentum around these technologies. In particular,

  • set up a “test” room in one of the rooms on 4th floor waterfront
  • write some general FAQs around the technologies: what is it … who might it be used in teaching … how to get started … who to contact for help … develop some scenarios / stories around use
  • look at the provision of help material in the general teaching spaces

After the creation of the support material, we need to offer a face to face workshop on “how can enhancing your teaching through classroom technologies” – use the Laurillard framework to give context – presentation, assessment & feedback, simulations etc., We will also need to run a number of seminars on sub topics. It was also, evident the academic staff development programme for new staff should have some time devoted to the topic. Need to talk to CD and RB about where we might go with this.

Another section, which would dovetail with some work both teams are looking at is around helping to create stuff for staff, ie., video capture, audio file creation etc., The topics ranged from, what have you in the cupboard? to how would a member of staff developing some online learning (distance learning) material create resources / learning objects.


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