next enhancement to QR Code generator: qr tour generator

The next enhancement to our QR Code generator is booked in for the 21st – 28th march, one week, two developer 🙂

The aim is to release a QR Code Tour Generator, to support Recruitment, Induction, and a primary focus >> Harvey’s development of a location based tour around Ipswich’s waterfront.

The emerging requirements are …

1. End user:

There should be a print out (to laminate) around A5, of the QR Code, with the following details identifiable:

  • name of the tour
  • unique ID of the QR Code within the tour
  • instructions / contexual text (up to about 150 words)
  • supporting web resource for tour
  • further contact details of tour developers
  • disclaimer


  • what is a QR Code and what should you do
  • where to get a scanner for youre phone
  • visual clue if you scan the code what type of task will it want you to complete

2. The tour developer

  • a template which allows them to add and modify the details of the individual activity
  • ability to rearrange individual activities in a linear sequence (change numbering)
  • ability to click publish / print
  • save in a logical place / folder all the QR Codes
  • ability to log-in and re-visit / change what you have done (so don’t need to create from blank)
  • place to upload multimedia (if not web based)

2.b) The tour developer (non technical)

  • a guide on tips to develop tours

3. The system

  • short url service
  • tracking of click through – so need to put in place a supporting blog and file store




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