recording your lecture at UCS: approach one

One of those Friday afternoon … oh, I’ll just have a look at this, seeing every think aches after football.

So, can I record a lecture using a UCS teaching space?

The answer is yes, you will need – a clip mic (not provided by any team … so you’ll need to buy it youself), and use the Devut Video Capture Software which is installed on all machines. This software will record the screen and your voice to create a video file (avi etc.,). I’ll include a few screen grabs and write an FAQ or two on the topic.

Note, this is the simply way – you’ll might need to top and tail the presentation as it will capture set up. You will also need to save the file and upload to Wolsey or YouTube (we’ll look at using e-stream for this in the future).

You might also need to convert the file into a format which is more appropriate (hence using youtube lets then do the work).

It is simple, so it creates just a file. It will not use the powerpoint etc., to build a navigation (unlike Panopto). However, it is very good for when people ask “can I capture / record material” … the answer is yes. Also remember, our rooms use sympodium, so get annotating those slides 🙂



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