e-learning, pgcert and HelF >> lessons for UCS

I’ve just got back from HeLF meeting in Manchester which focussed on PG Certificates and e-learning.

UCS need to structure the pathways through the PGCerts it offers. We don’t seem particularly coordinated. A lot of emphasis at other institutions (some the same size as UCS), was to provide a number of pathways which differientated by need for staff. For instance, pathways which need to accommodate the needs of the new lecturer and the more experienced lecturer. Also, different delivery mechanisms which enhance the likelihood of these different needs being met.

For instance,

  • a short, intensive course (one day) which focusses on new lecturers to UCS. whereby, we get the culture set, the teaching approaches (T, L & A) and the available technologies. The aim is to ensure, people are teaching and learning to a recognised approach. This could be supported via the emerging student charter
  • a pgcert / pgcap course (modular) which leads towards a qualification – a traditional MA-esk course. Given our resourcing, and the connections with UEA / Essex … there might be the opportunity to offer a core provision at UCS and feed into the offering at UEA / Essex.
  • a set of CPD requirements / opportunities for staff where they can re-visit the changing teaching and learning landscape at UCS, this a one day course designed for those who’ve taught at UCS for a while.
  • all need to be mapped back to the HEA Professional Standards Framework (the latest version will be available in the summer).

The modes need to change as well. For instance, these need to be made available through online (only) courses, as well as face to face. Therefore, the CPD offering could be available as a purely online model. However, the short intensive course needs to be face to face, as well as some units in the pgcert / pgcapp.

A major issue will be around motivation to complete / participate. The expectation should be set, which it is a requirement (HR), and monitored / steered through the annual staff review process. The local (School and LN) needs can be met if we used a School (LN) Liaison Officer model.



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