what do staff want to do on the VLE?

Just about to review the responses to a small staff survey about on the learning scenarios they wish to complete with their students. The question (only one on the survey) is “could you describe a number of teaching, assessment and feedback scenarios where you’d like to use a online (virtual) learning environment to enhance your teaching. Please list your most important first”

This piece of work is part of a much wider piece around the VLE Review. UCS has adopted a mixed tool “economy” model, where the VLE is part of the technical solution, but not the only technical solution. The intention of the work is answer the following questions;

  • what sort of thing do staff want to do / achieve?
  • can this be currently achieved using the existing available tools? or when will this likely be available with the services / pilots and projects we’ll be bringing online soon?
  • given the VLEs role within our over arching tool strategy, what are the likely implications of a migration to Moodle 2.0 on staff requirements?
  • what message can we take, and what recommendations can be made based on this exercise?

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