in the blocks for the QR Code Tour Generator sprint

Aaron and David from the Elevate Team at UCS will be on a week sprint to create a web based QR Code Tour Generator Service, which will allow a person to create a location aware tour using QR Codes. This will allow the person generating the tour to create a number of interlinked / linear QR Codes. This was initially spec’d out at:

A driver is, we need to provide a solution for the History Department and Ipswich Maritime Trust who are going to explore the creation of tour around the Ipswich wet dock area. We have interest from Estates who wish to give a “voice to a building”. Finally, there is the need to start discussions within UCS around the opportunities of mobile learning. This is a very good vehicle to focus the discussion.

The outputs of the project will be, a UCS tiny url service, and a QR Code Tour Generator.

The intention is to make the QR Code Tour Generator available for download (as we’ve done with our QR Code Generator Service –

A couple of questions where raised as we bounced ideas around. In particular,

  • what do we do with the files? Many of the QR Codes will link to files (images, video, audio). The aim of the service is to be low maintenance, and not result in the Elevate Team running file storage/ management. Therefore, the service will encourage people to manage their own files (dropbox, youtube, etc.,) and upload the links to QR Code Tour Generator. These will be shortened using our short url service, and enable us to track click throughs. Responsibility will sit with the individual who creates the resource to maintain / check the links.
  • how do we enable modifications? When each Tour is created, the user will require (or be given) a unique code for the activity. They’ll need to enter this if they wish to modify the tour after it has been created.

The sprint dates are as follows;

  • 21st to 25th March >> development and testing on development box
  • 28th March >> user sign off
  • 29th March >> final tweaks, documentation, set timetable / initial objectives for next sprint
  • 30th March >> write report for Elevate Team blog (

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