questions for guys … who r on the sprint

day one … a few questions I need answers for:

  • safe assign >> Gill >> can we delete the submission via the safe assignment tool and it will go, ie., no reference?
  • safe assign >> Gill >> will it let use zip upload all the assignment submissions or does she need to add each one manually? how is this done?
  • IPL >> Trish >> slow, can’t sign up, going to re-try … I assume I can’t do anything with this as there is no user interface?


Mahara installed by 1st April



  1. Aaron


    Deleting a submission directly from SafeAssign “should” remove it from the UCS institutional database as well as the global reference database if the student opted in.

    Not sure what point 2 means, if she is using SafeAssign direct she doesn’t need to upload them anywhere, if she is using the Assignment tool, she is able to download them in one go from the Gradebook and upload the zip file to “Direct Submit” via SafeAssign in Module Tools menu.

    IPL is for David, I’ll ping him to reply, it might be as simple as the student not using “ucs\” to authenticate.

    Point 4, we’ll start that next Monday.


  2. David


    The IPL Portfolio doesn’t use any signup functionality, could it be the signup lists in Wolsey chucking up errors? I checked on Friday and a student had managed to access the iplp.aspx file and that is the place which creates the student record in the database. I will check further though.


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