emerging need for e-learning regional event at UCS

Given the interest locally, and the success of this approach in other regions, I’m suggesting to organise two regional e-elearning events at UCS. This will complete all the other events, and the UCS’s Learning and Teaching Event (July). Our e-learning events will run in November and March. The expectation is the events will be funded from e-learning central budget – although I’ll beg and borrow from other sources 🙂

The format will be similar to those we organised at University of Bath,


  • opening
  • keynote – external, national speaker of theme (45 mins)
  • presentations (2 local presentations, one from UCS, the other from the region), on theme


  • poster display


  • set of hands on workshops – each 30 mins, repeated for  at UCSstreams
  • lightening strikes – 4 people, 10 mins / 10 slides each
  • close


  • The morning sessions will be recorded (and streamed live)
  • the event will have its own dedicated space on the Elevate Blog – including links to presentations, reflections etc.,
  • all recorded material will be re-used (where appropriate) within Elevate Training
  • there will be a blog reporter to write a reflection on the sessions they attend
  • aim for numbers >>> 50-60 people, a lecture room, and three break out rooms for afternoon workshops, room for food and posters
  • proportion of numbers, aim for about 50% from UCS
  • charge for attendee >>> free

One comment

  1. Zak Mensah

    Hello Andy

    This event sounds interesting and made me think that somebody from JISC Advance may be interested in participating if you were looking for external people?

    If so do let me know either here or zak.mensah @ bristol.ac.uk


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