QR Code Tour Generator … mopping up

Aaron and David have returned from the 5 day sprint – with great success, we have a proof of concept, and with the opportunity of getting some user testing. So, David, mopping up some of the code (QR Code Tour Generator, and the URL shortening service) so it is fit to testing, Aaron is documenting and testing and I am just getting in the way 🙂

So, what does this offer?

It basically offers a really easy authoring of a PDF which includes a title, description, short url, QR Code, disclaimer, link to readers. Therefore, you can very easily author a number of points of interest through a web interface, which will allow you to modify / print later. Also gives you log data to the all important question, does anyone actually scan through these QR Codes. It overcomes the problem people have when they need to create a number of QR Codes, in a templated way, with lots of additional information.

The longer term intention is to make this available under an open educational resource license.


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