OMR – 5th iteration for Health

We are on the 5th iteration in Health. Some lessons learnt to date (these are all so obvious ….);

  • reduce the printing costs through remove the unique id for each test. So you can re-use the question booklets
  • get the discipline team to finalise the question booklet, and write answers before sending to us to create as create the answer sheets
  • include a box for them to add their name, as well as there candidate answer
  • include a clear title on the answer sheets which is generic enough not to cause questions. This is important when two papers and being tested in the same session
  • check the spreadsheet to investigate any blank cells for the answer – it seems some get through, not sure why this happens. But a responsibility should be for the person scanning the answer sheets to make sure all cells are entered, unless left blank on the answer scripts. this will let you double check, so don’t assume the system will do it for you 🙂
  • ensure the sensitivity setting is appropriate on the answer sheet – to reduce the likelihood of scan errors
  • include a visual display of what we mean by shade the whole bubble – we still get lots with lines across etc.,

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