Design and developing learning objects: Alison

The following summarises the emerging ideas to support Alison on her EU e-learning project.

She’s needing to take some handbook material and design and develop this as effective e-learning activities. The emerging model is as follows;

OER Level – Granular Objects – all released as an OERs to be hosted in a UCS OER Repository

  • the learning sequences templates
  • description of how the material might be used: teacher scenarios
  • the Video / audio clips
  • the tutorial (text based) – including interactive questions and feedback
  • the completed e- tutorials (xerte)

The expectation is the stand alone tutorials will be created using Xerte. The text for the tutorials will also be available as a word document, so partner institutions will be able to take these and translate (using Google translator).

So, where will we (Elevate) help in this process?

  1. install Xerte by end of April on development box
  2. contribute as part of the development team, to work on the learning sequences, and be user tester


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