Augmented reality web browsing

Well, very good news … I’ve got a spot on the ucs induction working group to pitch on the potential of developing a number of AR views for student induction at 2011/12. The plan is quite straight forward, given we are creating more structured data, via FAQ engines, blogs, YouTube and twitter feeds, we’ve got lots of stuff to draw together.

The key would be to write an induction scenario which resonates with the group. I’m thinking around the idea of a new starter, feeling confused, not confident about what to ask and who to ask, so it is exposing institutional information, and support in a easy to access and timely method.

So, what do I need to do this week? Find out about information sources, look into su stuff, rss tags from a specific category in the FAQ engine, rss categories from you tube etc.,

It is going to be lots of fun 🙂


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