Big blue button test … from the presenters perspective

We’ll be testing the big blue button desktop conferencing tool next week. So as part of is, I’ll be looking at it from the perspective of the presenter today. As a presenter I’ll looking to be able to do the following;

  • present
    • talk over a powerpoint
    • share (display) my desktop
    • play a youtube video
  • show myself at the start of the presentation, and then be able to turn off my web cam for the majority, then re-enable it for question and answers
  • encourage audience participation through the use of hands up, agree/disagree gestures, text responses during the presentation
  • during Q&A, allow the audience to ask questions (voice / webcam)
  • record it and make available at a later date

All of this without too much stress. Note, I’d recommend a session chair to be online to help manage the questions, and I’d like to do this without having to install lots / any software. So, big blue button …. lets see


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