Thoughts about presenting with BBB

Well, I’ve drunk coffee, and tried BBB in a lecture room. A few things spring to mind;

  • once the room has been created – upload the two presentations. These need to be as PDFs, and the first one is … welcome & house rules (see >>
  • when sharing the desktop … best to do on the fly, and share regions. this is very straight forward. Just make sure you close it after wards !! Therefore, as part of the set up process make sure you have all applications and web pages set to run … nothing more annoying than getting flustered trying to find the web page
  • in terms of interactivity within the presentation … there isn’t much to use, ie., no polls, surveys, etc., you’ve just got the hands up signal. So you’ll need to use this (and chat) for audience response sessions – if it was more indepth, you’ll need to set up a google form, put the link in the chat box, give them a few minutes, and share the results
  • the youtube shared via the desktop will not work due to the audio on the youtube not playing, plus issues of refresh rates etc., Therefore, best to share the link through the chat room – but this will need to be managed as you’ll need to bring them back into the presentation

Next stage is to write the short presentation, and try it on monday, with web cam etc.,






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