using layar (augmented reality) for student induction … let the thoughts begin

I’ll be presenting to our Induction Working Group on Tuesday about why we should be using augmented reality web browsing as part of the solution. This will be based on the following pitch …

what is augmented reality web browsing?

  • see clip >>>

what will it let people do?

  • easily access information through their phones (assuming have installed our layar)
  • the skill will be the way we (information providers) deliver the information, so it is time specific, flexible and easily found by certain groups (student new starters)

elevate: an example of use

Sort of info we’ll be providing;

  • Background >> static text, title of unit, contact details and links to our blog, and youtube video which explains who we are and what we do
    • youtube >>
  • Latest News >> dynamic RSS infeeds, from our elevate blog, and featured video on youtube … we’ll display the latest 2, and I assume if they click on the titles … they’ll be able to access the resource
  • Just started at UCS? >> this is the time / user specific details which will be available during Sept to Nov – after which, this feed will not be available.

The idea would be, we’d select another topic to replace the Just started at UCS in December, this might be around online submission of assignments

Session for Induction Group – 10 mins;

What is it?

How might it be used?

  • Elevate (this blog post)

Who will do the work?

  • Technical & design >> Elevate Team
  • Clean data >> data owners

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