My first multi coloured QR Code !!!

I’ve finally moved from the world of the black and white QR Code which looks like a bar code to a new brave world, full of colourful odd looking QR Codes !!

As you can see (scan) below;


New Style

The question which must be on your lips (post the wow moment), is, how did he do that? Well, Aaron is writing an official FAQ on how, but until then … I loaded the QR Code into GIMP 2 … then used the blur function (Filters >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur), and the levels function (Colors >> Levels). I’ve got a little way to go in terms the appropriate settings, however, it is very nice stuff 🙂

These are pretty cool, and Aaron and David have been working on ones which include a text / other images (ie., a way of easily displaying the short url, or a team logo). The plan is to try to include some of this into our next QR Code Generator, within the QR Code Tours. As with all this stuff, it’s back to scaleability. Hand crafted versions aren’t the way forward.


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