Augmented Reality … Sprint (16th May)

The development sprint on the 16th May is around augmented reality. I’d like the following scenarios addressed;

Scenario 1: Proof of concept

GPS tack the following data, and have this available through a layar / wikitude tool (demo on iPhone, but make sure works on Andriod) … links to follow


Team specific


  • Twitter feeds by location

James Hehir Building

This will be demonstrated to the induction team.

Scenario 2: bringing a poster to life

I’d like an A3 poster (which will be laminated) which can be used at our T&L Day, for classroom technologies. The idea would be they’d look at different sections of the poster and it plays video’s, access more text, static photos etc., So quick access to multimedia material. I’ll work out the poster later this week 🙂

Scenario 3: A case for how we might use Augmented Reality at UCS

I’d like you to spend some time web searching to come up with a number of different uses (linked to web examples) of how we might use augmented reality in learning … the wilder the better 🙂


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