Outcomes of Otley LN visit

A number of actions have come from our monthly visit to Otley.

Ipad: App watch across UCS

Otley are testing a number of ipad2’s in teaching and learning. The discussion focussed on sharing our experiences / thoughts around the tasks and apps we are using.

The outcome was we (the elevate team) would be more effective at recording and disseminating via our blog, and link this to Otley’s.

This could also be a potential area for more coordinated cross team / LNs project. Action …. Elevate team …. Start blogging about iPad apps, and post under mobile learning category, and iPad tag.

QR Code induction tours

The library are interested in developing a poster which includes qr code links / short url’s to their YouTube based video material. We talked through the approach we’ve been exploring, and they could loan phones to people for the tour. A question was, is the a qr code reader for the nokia e5? Action …. Andy see about qr code readers, list of software we use, suggested workflow

Student support material for library software

It sounds like there is a great opportunity for cross team work between Ipswich, otley and bury on developing standalone, screencasts around using the new library catalogue. Action …. Andy talk to Steve


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