help desk supporting software at UCS

This is a quick user requirements list (top priorities) for me for the UCS help desk software – I’m missing the meeting on wednesday as it clashes with assessment policy review

What I need

Managing enquiries >> a web based solution which allows the logging of all enquiries >> email, phone, web forms to the Elevate Team. Once logged it will allow me allocate them to members of the team, or other teams across the infozone. The communication is kept within the ticket, we can see which tickets are open, identify which ones are closed, template the responses to direct them to our FAQ areas.

This needs to be web based, simply to use, integrates with LDAP / AD authentication, installed by UCS

What I don’t need

The CRM functionality of tracking user interface with us. We already do this through the use of eventbrite for our workshops, seminar series, and a 1-2-1 tracking database. I’m happy to keep these going, and not try to bring into a “one solution for all”.

The solution I’d like

Request Tracker >>


  • very popular across the sector, large support network
  • I’ve used it at university of Bristol, and University of Bath — it does the job very nicely
  • offers great opportunities for expanding / extending across the LN’s
  • open source, and can be relatively easily supported at UCS
  • has the potential to include the bug fixing / incident managing requirements

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