Student Induction: Enhancing your learning through innovative technologies

Background >>> the Elevate Team have been approached to run a 40 min workshop for new students, and returning students as part of the induction process. This needs to be delivered at ipswich and across the network and by the whole elevate team. I’m keen, but have stated we are not best placed to run introductions to the VLE. The following is my suggestion.



Enhancing your learning through innovative technologies


By the end of the session, who should be;

  • more aware of some of the potential technologies you’ll encounter at UCS within your Learning. In particular, the Wolsey (VLE, Intranet) and Mahara (ePortfolio).
  • more aware of a range of Web 2.0 software which are particularly useful for your learning network. In particular, how you might use social bookmarking, twitter (micro- blogging) and google docs. This will include demonstrating the software and introducing a number of case studies.
  • raise awareness of ebooks and e-journals, and where to go for specialist help
  • raise awareness of Learning Development and their IT Workshops

The session will follow the principles of the Elevate Team’s workshop principles;

  • Use a range of different styles, including collaborative and problem based learning
  • Adopt an informal approach
  • Focus on the participants needs
  • Act as a showcase for the effective use of appropriate use of available technologies at UCS
  • Contextualise how the workshop fits into our wider staff development programme
  • Our role is to facilitate not to lecture
  • Showcase uses from the University Campus Suffolk




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