UCS FAQ Engine: Time to evaluate the first few months …

Well, our FAQ engine has been up and running for a while. So it is time we reflected and evaluated it against the broad aims.

The intention of the pilot was to use the PhP MyFAQ engine as a focal point for a number of teams to re-think their FAQS, for instance, co-locating them, thinking about the design and structure, how to incorporate them with other web based / help desk software. Upto this point each team tended to manage their own FAQs.

The report will focus on answering the following questions, with the intention of giving us a steer where to go next

  • What is the vision for the online FAQs? Where is it? How are people using it to link to the other web based resources and email help desks
  • What teams are using it? How many FAQs have been created? Is there an evolving good practice design?
  • Is it being used? when has it been accessed? where is it being accessed from? what parts are they looking at?
  • What do the people creating FAQs think about it? Does it add value? how can it be improved?

Writing the report is penciled in for Friday afternoon, and will be published in our Reports and Publications area (http://wolseyweb.ucs.ac.uk/blogs/elevate/?page_id=70)




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