UCS T&L Strategy and Elevate

The following is a few observations around the potential role of the Elevate Team to help deliver the strategic objectives of the UCS T&L Strategy.

My main observation from reading the strategy is it’s focus in terms of implementation is via the course teams. Each of the eight specific makes explicit reference to “course teams are expected …”

Therefore, the key for the Elevate Team is to align itself in a more accessible and effective manor to course teams and individuals. In one sense we are very well placed as a key implementation team, as the aims of the Elevate Team are;

  • Help staff to integrate innovative technologies to enhance their teaching programmes
  • Share innovation and good practice through facilitating an active community
  • Evaluate the impact of enhancements on the student learning experience
  • Develop and pilot ways to enhance and develop learning through innovative technologies

There are a number of developments which should enable this;

  1. a revised hub and spoke model for learning technologists in divisions and schools – I’d propose a 1 day a week in each division at UCS Ipswich, and 1 day a month at LN’s
  2. clearer defined opportunities / invites to talk to course teams at key moments of their courses life cycle. For instance;
    • discuss ideas when courses are being designed and as they lead to a validation event (part of the CAT phase)
    • providing assistance when course materials are being design and developed before deployment
    • discussions at the end of each course as it is being reviewed, and the development of action plans
  3. shift to a better balance between our role as staff support, and staff development. Therefore take on a higher degree of medium to long term staff development activities, via involvement in PGCHEP, and develop our role in local projects. This might involve providing help interms of project evaluation
  4. further developing the role of the Elevate Service Blog (http://a.ucs.ac.uk/elevate) as a community of practice space for technology enhanced learning at UCS. This will include the team being given the explicit remit to collect and write case studies around use and impact.
  5. develop a robust, transparent software provision model, which will make staff confident interms of the technology we support and the of support. The intention will be to provide a framework for medium term planning by course teams.
  6. create an AV function for the recording and editing of video – an emerging request from staff, which is a significant technical barrier to implementation, but we have no existing provision at UCS

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