Screen capture on the iPad: Providing audio and video feedback via Show Me

Aaron has been looking at all things iPad app for common learning tasks, and I think he’s identified a really useful tool

I’d suggest this offers really exciting opportunities for providing feedback on student work, or walk through of solutions etc., without the need to go via a desktop computer. The basic principle is it records you annotating a whiteboard (using a stylus or finger, and you voice), then produces a video file which is uploaded to the ShowMe wen site. You can import pictures into the whiteboard space if you require.

The Show Me web space is a little youtube-esk, so you can have a non listed space where people can’t search and find your videos. This means you can very quickly create and upload feedback, solutions, etc., for sharing from your Ipad.

Why do I love it you ask? It is a very low threshold technology … having encouraged staff to adopt similar approaches via tablet technology, and desktops we always hit a barrier with respect to the technology. This however, is so easy 🙂

However, let us not get carried away, the drawbacks at the moment is it’s difficult to manage more than one image at a time. Hence, I’d have questions around scaleability, and there are still lots of issues about managing access to sensitive feedback files. So again you’ll need to think through the work flow quite carefully. However, as a proof of concept it is really cool

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