stuff for the iPad 2

We (elevate) have been asked to help draw up a wish list of hardware and software for a number of teams at UCS who are buying iPad 2’s. The following gives a feel of what we use. It is also important to appreciate the way the use of the iPad works with the rest of our teams technology, and working practices. For instance, much of the software we use is based around cloud computing and opening up our documents to the whole team and beyond. It is not based on personal file stores, and sharing via attachments to an email. Therefore, the software is very difficult to recommend as the individual and teams need to review their current practice to identify how the iPad would fit in with this approach.

Anyway, this is what we’d suggest


  • connector for a projector
  • adaptor to connect usb & microSD cards
  • screen protector sheets and cleaning material
  • travel kit
  • stylus / pen

Software: Basic bundle

  • Ā£30 iTunes Voucher for each individual to purchase the required Apps

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