Staff development workshop – Great Yarmouth

Post meeting with Paddy & Fiona.

Theme: enhancing feedback through appropriate technologies – Monday 18th, 10 to 12.00

strap line: e-submission, e-marking and e-feedback: a life cycle approach


Scenario 1: Online, subjective text based >>> Use the life cycle of staff creating an assignment activity (collaborative, via Google Docs), to providing e-feedback (audio/video, generic or individual), and e-return via Wolsey.

Scenario 2: Classroom, blended, objective questions >>> clickers, and reference to the Wolsey quiz engine

Need to answer the following questions;

  • why is feedback good and the role of feedback (Nicol & MacFarlane-Dick)
  • role of technology (PPF)
  • designing effective activities – learning design
  • examples of e-based feedback (use the JISC e-assessment guide)
  • clickers presentation … weave in, get to create (?) model for mapping to a blended approach

Need to accommodate:

  • a very wide range of abilities in individuals
  • no-ICT etc., so flip chart activities … so need to get them to do stuff (!!!)




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