OMR – final test of this years pilot

Well, we’ve made it … 6 iterations of using the FormReturn software with our scanners for running an interview exam for candidates !!!

I’ve blogged elsewhere about this, and I’ll be writing a report over the summer. However, a really interesting development today which offers some efficiency gains. This time, we re-used the examination paper, and instead of me having to create a new answer sheet (form) with the new set of candidates number. I opted for a different approach (based on necessity … I was away on Monday and had to sort it out this morning), I gave them the previous answer sheet, added the new students to the previous list of students, scanned the answer sheets and it worked 🙂 A big saving on time … perfect if you are re-using (not changing) the questions. The only drawback is this cohort is added to the previous cohort, therefore, in excel you have some sorting to do to see just this cohort.

Overall, a big plus 🙂

The report will be a personal reflection from the perspective of the e-Learning Development Manager on using an OMR system for managing high stake, summative exams. It will give the background in terms of what we are trying to achieve, how we did it (a workflow), lessons learnt log, where next (can this scale as a service. The evidence base will draw on a interview with Alison and Mark.



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