Refresher: Getting back in the saddle with your VLE

The following is the emerging focus for our 15 minute … refresher sessions (which will also be converted into an online version – screencast)

These are intended for people who have used Blackboard at UCS before (the new staff are dealt with using a different support structure). Therefore, it is assumed they can add announcements, documents, etc.,

We’ll be focusing the 15 minute session on;

Time to spring cleaning your course

House keeping around the Module Copy process, the change in the way we manage content (local attach only), and the new course template

How might you enhance the student learning experience

This will focus on how a few small changes can have a big impact on the student learning experience of your course, including developing a statement on how you plan to use the VLE course within the module teaching and assessment process, developing a more effective communication plan using the tools within Blackboard, managing content and folder areas, and gathering student views around the VLE part of the course via the survey tool

How do you get support on using the Wolsey VLE

This will focus on the emerging staff support structure (both face to face, and online)

Open floor discussions



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