Registry workflow needs … Google docs sounds the answer

Just meet Jane and Alison from the Registry about the CAT 0 validation forms / process. Their needs focus around the completion and sign off of two documents, (actually the same document, but in two stages with two different sets of collaborators).

The main issues with the current approach is the not being able to manage version controlling of attached documents to emails, and getting a simple mean of visualising and managing the wider processes of a large number of CAT processes in given year.

As the discussion proceeded, it sounds more like they need a collaborative development space which can easily enable the appropriate people to access the information, send alerts, leave comments, and visualise where they are in the process of a large number of CAT processes.

Google docs sprung to mind … Just set up a collection space in Google Docs for each CAT form.

Into this collection upload the word doc form sent by course teams. The registry team will work on this with the course team, and get it into shape to be presented at CAG. After which comments will be made and maybe more work required. The process continues until Mark Lyne is able / willing to sign it off.

This sign off is via a comment box on the end of the form.

After it has been signed off by Mark, the form is copied, renamed and shared for editing by the appropriate team at UEA and Essex. They collectively work on the doc, leave comments etc.,

The CAT form is finalised, and presented at the appropriate committees. After which, it is exported from Google and moved across to the course files on ucs servers, and details uploaded to SITS.

The google space is then archived, and people can not modify the content.

The issues they raised, included do people need to have a google account to use it? no. Could people get email notifications? Yes, on first change. Could access permissions be easily organised / set / modified? Yes. Can supporting documents (word docs, pdfs) be included with the CAT form? Yes


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