Vision bit … Elevate AV Role

The following outlines the Elevate Team AV role.

It is driven by the need to provide a video recording function for staff at UCS (Ipswich) in the creation of their learning materials. At the moment video recording, editing and publication is a significant barrier for staff, and is inhibiting UCSs ability to enhance our capacity in technology enhanced learning.

Examples of the type of work we will be doing are as follows:



The Elevate Team will provide a service to the Learning and Teaching community at UCS to create video based learning materials (as Open Educational Resources). These recordings can  include presentations, procedures, screencasts, interviews etc.,

The key criteria is they will need to be used directly in learning and teaching, and will not be intended to be published or promoted via the UCS web site.  The intention is these resources will be used in face to face teaching or via various e-learning platforms, including Blackboard, Mahara and Xerte. The material will be distributed via the UCS e-stream service, UCS file stores) or via the Elevate YouTube channel (unlisted).

The service will be provided free of charge, and be managed as specific (named) projects.



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