QR Code part of JISC workshop at ALT-C 11

Right … I’ve 20-25 minutes of a workshop session to institutional approaches to changing practice 🙂

The plan for my slot will be to answer the following questions …

1. where does UCS want to be w.r.t mobile learning? (evidence drawn from L&T Strategy, Elevate SARE, My JD)

2. why QR Codes … low threshold technology, the perfect bouncing board

get to use them for meaningful tasks …

need >>> develop a couple of QR Code Quiz Questions … make formative so don’t need to have group titles, but I would like to have the scoreboard >> deployment model >> similar to Clicker sequence

need >>> proof of concept for wet dock, ie., picture now in Description with reflective question, and scan for youtube video >> deployment model feedback loop closed in class

need >>> hand out on how to find, download and install QR Code, links to our generators

task – in groups;

  • install reader on device
  • complete quiz
  • complete wet dock
  • complete learning design template on how you would use QR Codes in T&L

3. UCS implementation model … based on lessons from Collis & Moonen, Salmon, and mobile learning is niche, against background of conditions on ground. What we did, and how it went



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