e-safety Suffolk & UCS

Couple of notes from the e-safety Suffolk Strategy Launch, in terms of UCS.

As mentioned by Emma, lots going on at UCS (as we are partner in the strategy). However, it sounds like we need to be a little more coordinated in terms of clearly articulating our strategy (awareness raising, support). In particular,

  • a central provided space on intranet
  • role of Elevate Team in staff development
  • role of Health & Safety in Staff induction
  • provision of appropriate checklists, and awareness material
  • role of SU in Student Induction,
  • role of SU in student campaigns
  • role of Student Services for students

A small working group, including Emma, Acad Development, could draw together all our stuff into a coherent piece for all stakeholders at UCS, and we should have e-safety as part of a wider discussion around use of externally hosted services in teaching and learning at UCS.

This sounds a big job, however, see >>> http://www.jisclegal.ac.uk/Themes/eSafety.aspx



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