Comments on work flow for uploading files to iPad from Bbd Gradebook

Right …. this is what I did, and it took less than 5 minutes to upload over 50 scripts (word docs)

Step 1: Getting the files out of Blackboard

Access the course gradebook, select the drop down menu for the column you want, select download file [a new screen opens], select ungraded [top right link], click on submit, and download the zip file to the desktop

Step 2: Uploading to Dropbox from computer

Access dropbox account, create a folder with appropriate name [module id within a folder teaching], upload the zip file to this folder, once uploaded double click on the zip file and it will unpack into your dropbox space (creating a new sub folder), once finished in the folder and ensure you have the files, then delete the zip file from dropbox and your desktop

Step 3: prep for marking

in your dropbox create a folder where you will store the annotated versions)

Step 4: annotate the file in iAnnotate

on your iPad open dropbox, find the file to annotate and open it in iAnnotate, annotate the file, and save it back to dropbox [click on open in … select Flattened … dropbox …. select the folder]

Step 5: attach feedback file to person in gradebook


To date >>> steps 1 to 3 took less than 5 minutes to upload over 50 scripts. Now need to mark them 😦


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