So will they scan a QR Code?

I’m starting a piece of work around trying to answer if students will scan a QR Code, and complete the tasks. In the initial phase this involves releasing a poster in 5 locations across UCS Ipswich. This is a poster designed to answers a simple question, Why does the price of coffee change? The poster includes 4 different QR Codes – designed to enable them to gather more information about the topic, and it finishes with a feedback loop to collect peoples ideas.

see >>>

I have deliberately designed the poster to be visually engaging however, I have included very little support material in terms of what is a QR code, and no alternative short urls. This is due to me wanting to identify if students do recognise a QR Code, and do they scan it? So, given I have built this, will they come?

The posters will be available until the 20th January. When I’ll write up some observations.



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